I know you have questions. These are the most common.

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Why do you ask for my time of birth?

Your birth time is an important part of your chart, determining your ascending sign (which zodiac sign was rising over the eastern horizon when you were born), your ruling planet, and the positions of the houses in your chart. Some questions may not be answerable, or the answers may not be accurate, if you do not know your birth time.

An approximate time is more helpful than no time at all. If you don’t know, try asking a family member who may remember that you were born in the middle of the night, or early afternoon or evening.

If your birth time is truly unknown, I will use sunrise time on the date of your birth. But please remember that accuracy of your answers will be affected by an inaccurate birth time.

Can astrology really predict what is going to happen in my future?

Astrology is not “prediction of what will be,” it’s an indication of what could be. You always have free will!

If, for example, your chart shows a difficult transit coming up, you can use that information to help you cope with potential issues. It is not a sentence of doom.

In the same manner, I cannot make absolute predictions about when something may come to pass. I can offer suggestions on the best timing for action, but action always depends on you.

What is the best way to ask a question?

Make your question as specific as possible.

  • Good example: I need to decide between accepting a promotion at my job and leaving my job to pursue my dream of writing a book. Which direction should I consider?
  • Vague example: Is my boyfriend ever going to propose to me?

Instead of asking “when” or “will” questions, ask “what should I know about …” or “how can I …?”

Remember that your chart shows only indications about you. Your chart can’t tell how someone feels about you or what their actions may be.

Your chart does not predict the future. It won’t say when an event will happen. It can provide indications or suggest the best time to take an action, but your future is always in your own hands. Use the information it offers to help make your choices and create your own future.

I have a question about my partner/significant other/family member. Do you need their birth data too?

If you have a question concerning the relationship between you, then yes, the best answers will come from looking at both charts together.

I must also have the other person’s express permission to read his/her chart and provide answers.

If you do not have and can’t get permission from the other person, then I can look at your chart alone. Answers may not be as accurate, and some questions may not be answerable from your birth data only.

What if you can't answer my question from the information I provide?

I can always provide some information concerning your question, and I will always give you that. If I cannot see a clear answer — and some questions don’t have a clear answer — I will also tell you that.

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