Astrology does not predict the future.

Tia-MeredithYour astrological chart shows indications of what may happen, but the choice of action is always yours. Your future is in your control, not in the stars.

Astrology charts cannot predict dates of birth or death, diagnose serious illnesses, or pick lottery numbers. Astrology charts cannot read minds.

I use my intuition, knowledge, and long practice of astrology to read your chart(s).

Your report is always an individual, custom interpretation. I use computer software to generate the charts, but the reports you receive are always the result of my reading. I do not rely on computer-generated generic reports.

All readings are completely confidential.

I do not share any information without your explicit consent.

Synastry (relationship) readings require the other person's express permission to read his/her chart and provide answers. If you do not have and cannot get permission from the other person, then I can look at your chart alone with regard to your part of the relationship. Answers may not be as accurate, and some questions may not be answerable from your birth data only.

If you ask a question and I cannot see a clear answer, I will tell you that. There is always some information I can offer concerning your question, and I will always give you that.

I will not read for anyone under the age of 18.

I reserve the right to refuse service for any reason. Your prepayment will be refunded in that case.