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I started out as a skeptic.

When I was about 12 or 13, my sister, who religiously read the horoscopes in the newspaper every evening, was given a book called "Linda Goodman's Sun Signs." She was completely fascinated with it, but I was scornful. How could astrology be anything close to "real," when there were obviously more than twelve kinds of people in the world?


When I was 20, I minored in psychology.

I became fascinated with Jung's descriptions of archetypes. I recognized in them -- the hero, the mentor, the shadow, the trickster -- the resemblance to the old gods of the Greek and Roman mythology that I'd been fascinated with since childhood. Jupiter the father figure. Mars the warrior hero. Mercury the Trickster. Pluto the god of the underworld, the shadow. Mnemonics to help me remember and understand.

When I was 45, I met an astrologer who finally made sense.

She used astrological terms as a kind of shorthand to describe people, events, interactions in a way that spoke deeply to my understanding of Jung, human psychology, and mythology.

"Him? Oh yeah. Jupiter in Leo on his ascendant? Of course he is a showman! He glitters. He has to!"

I studied with her for years, and it all began to come together, to cohere. My understanding of astrology was not exactly traditional, and it had nothing to do with "twelve kinds of people in the world!" There was so much more, so many interactions, so many variables. Astrology is capable of infinite complexity. No two charts are alike and no two people are alike. This made so much more sense than twelve sun signs!

I started reading charts from my own curiosity.

I found that my deep sense of intuition played a very large part in chart reading. I would come to a chart with a question or something that I wanted to know more about. I would look to the houses/signs/planets/aspects for that area of questioning, and I would observe what jumped out at me. There was always something that touched my gut, that sat up and said "Look at me!" I read, I made notes, I watched. I saw that my observations were usually right on the money.

Finally, I got brave enough to start reading charts for friends.

And when I did, I started hearing "Why don't you do this more? Why don't you do this for other people?"

I've spent my life working in science and technology -- alternating with working in art and with intuition.

My BS degree is in geology (with minors in art, psychology, and computer science). I worked as an environmental hydrologist for many years. Very left-brained work.

Then my right brain took over, and I worked as an art book editor for many years. I was (and am) a working artist, though I no longer exhibit.

Left brain stood up and said, "Hey, what about me?" Twelve years ago I started my website consulting business and have made a success of it. It will continue and my website work will go on as I begin this next chapter in my personal evolution.

Now it's right brain time again. My intuitive side needs stretching, and it's time to let the world know.

Both sides of me -- science/technology, intuition/art -- need expression. Both need to be acknowledged.

I've always walked between two worlds. Now it's time to walk both paths in the light.

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