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Testimonials From Happy Clients

"Kate really put together things I've been hearing for decades and explained it in terms I could understand. While I'm open to astrology it usually seems much too complicated to figure out >where< specific statements are coming from in relationship to how I operate in the world and what I can do to reach my fullest potential. In a matter of a few paragraphs Kate not only answered my questions but gave the "deets" on >why< she was proposing that answer. I'm delighted by this service and will gladly recommend it to others. If you have questions about my experience, don't hesitate to contact me! All in all, I'm thrilled by this service Kate. You really fill a space that's much needed."

~ Peggie Arvidson, The Profitable Palmist" 

"I was very impressed as to the quality of the content of the reading, especially with regard to my feelings at the moment, as well as my personality traits. I would definitely use AstroKate again."

~ Mary Hartin

"Thank you so much for this reading! It was so helpful to know the best timing, according to my chart, when to start writing my book. It additionally helped me place some more realistic timelines of when to launch into "doing my own thing" versus my continued corporate work. This reading also dealt an interesting surprise in that all of the experiences I'm having for the next 3 - 7 years are the building blocks for what is eventually to become my work."

~ Tia Meredith,

"Well, I could not have asked for a more direct or clear answer to my question! AstroKate was spot on and it's great to know that my planets are supporting what my intuition is telling me about a radical change in careers. I'd highly recommend one of her readings. It's good to know if the stars are on your side!"

~ J.B.

"My question although somewhat vague was answered exactly as I thought it might be. Thanks so much Kate!"

~ B.I.

"Based on what Kate discerned from my charts, I am much more well equipped to make future decisions- largely in part to the wealth of understanding of myself that I gleaned from her work. Kate is simply awesome!"

~ Shelly Peacock

"This underlines so many feelings I have been having…. and it feels really really good to have the planets supporting all that I am doing….

Thank you so so much for doing this for me…I’m super grateful and loved every word.

Confirmation that I am on the right path feels so so good."

~ Jeanne Bessette

"As I read this, I kept saying 'Oh my god, Yes!  yes!  that's it!' as you revealed and acknowledged the pull inherent to my various pieces and parts. Permission and reflection were bonus gifts.

I am new to this kind of exploration, but always open to the possibilities of a richer more meaningful life. Your reading makes me feel seen and understood, and helped me 'see' and 'understand myself more clearly. Thank you!!!! "

~ Kate Johnson

"I asked, at least for me, a very pointed question and of course it was about love. But the answers I got back from Kate with the information that I provided was really kind of incredible. I read it and and to re-read more times than once because it was just so good and to the point."

~ Joe Rozsa


Meet Kate.

Both sides of me -- science/technology, intuition/art -- need expression. Both need to be acknowledged.

I've always walked between two worlds. Now it's time to walk both paths in the light.

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