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Make your question as specific as possible.

  • Good example: I need to decide between accepting a promotion at my job and leaving my job to pursue my dream of writing a book. Which direction should I consider?
  • Vague example: Is my boyfriend ever going to propose to me?

Instead of asking "when" or "will" questions, ask "what should I know about ..." or "how can I ...?" Remember that your chart shows only indications about you. Your chart can't tell how someone feels about you or what their actions may be. Your chart does not predict the future. It won't say when an event will happen. It can provide indications or suggest the best time to take an action, but your future is always in your own hands. Use the information it offers to help make your choices and create your own future.

What to Expect

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If you think you may need more than one question to help explore or explain the answer, you may be interested in the Premium Ask a Question service.

For $60, you ask a question, receive an email answer, and then may ask a follow-up, related question in order to clarify your reading.

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